Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2024

Kampagne gegen Militärausgaben

Was kann der US-Bischofsappell zu Militärausgaben bewirken?
"Sonst kann die ganze Welt untergehen"
Insgesamt 18 US-Bischöfe (der 230) fordern von der Regierung Kürzungen bei den Militärausgaben. Stattdessen soll der Etat für Armutsbekämpfung aufgestockt werden. US-Experte und Journalist Klaus Prömpers sieht wenig Erfolgschance für den Appell.
Domradio, 24.1.2024

US bishops back ‘Bread Not Stones’ campaign against military-industrial complex
Seventeen US bishops have thrown their weight behind a campaign to encourage Congress to redirect military spending towards helping the nation’s poor and marginalised. Those leading the campaign hope to see more bishops add their support.
Catholic Herold, January 8, 2024

18 Catholic bishops join letter calling for US to cut military spending
Eighteen U.S. bishops have signed a letter calling for the United States to cut military spending and instead invest in ending poverty.
"The growing gap between the rich and the poor is compounded by a growing gap between our nation's spending on weapons and preparations for war and our commitment to end poverty," the statement said.
Pax Christi USA, a Catholic peace organization, led the Bread Not Stones campaign behind the letter. Since October 2023, Pax Christi USA's grassroots membership has contacted at least 99 different bishops in 65 different dioceses, leading to the 18 bishop signatories on the final letter.
In December, the U.S. Congress authorized a record $886 billion in annual military spending, up 3% from the previous year.
NCR-Online, January 22, 2024

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